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CNT, Inc. and CNT Depository, Inc. Application

Thank you for your interest in CNT.  Please note the following before applying for business:

  • CNT, Inc. has a $5000 minimum for buying and selling.

  • Payment is only accepted in the form of a bank wire.

  • In our continued commitment to due diligence and compliance under federal and state law, we are requiring our Compliance Forms to be completed entirely as instructed within.

  • CNT also requires our business customers to commit to doing due diligence on their customers.

  • Aware of our responsibility imposed by the U.S. Patriot Act, we will not conduct business with any individuals involved in third party payments directly or indirectly.  The purpose of this restriction reduces or eliminates exposure to the risk of financial crimes, including money laundering which is inherent in payment arrangements that can be used to disguise the identity of the true payer and true source of funds.  CNT, Inc. will cease business relationships with any individual or groups believed to be in violation with this policy.